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Process flow and installation method of curtain wall fluorocarbon sprayed aluminium single plate

Issuing time:2018-12-04 00:00

The curtain wall fluorocarbon spray aluminum veneer is mainly made of high grade aluminum alloy, which is processed by various processing technologies such as molding by moulding, and then finished by surface spraying PPG or aksu baking paint in the United States. Fluorocarbon aluminum curtain wall system with smooth surface, good wind pressure resistance, a variety of color coating options, so that the building conveys a distinctive modern sense. The system is designed reasonably to meet the needs of various functions and is widely used in wall decoration of various commercial or industrial buildings.

The curtain wall fluorocarbon spray aluminum veneer is familiar to everyone, but how many people can understand its production process and installation methods? The following small editor for you detailed introduction, I hope you have some understanding and help.

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